Frequently Asked Questions About Cliff Camping Experiences

Cliff camping is an exciting, adrenaline-fuelled experience on offer from Honister Slate, where we provide a unique climbing challenge complete with exceptional views of the Lake District. Our comprehensive cliff camping package covers everything you’ll need for your adventure, from safety equipment to expert supervision.

Read on for a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about this experience, where we have in-depth answers to all your queries right here.

What Is Cliff Camping?

Cliff camping is a once-in-a-lifetime overnight experience, where you will spend the night on a Portaledge which is secured 500 feet above Honister Pass. You will cross the infinity bridge to arrive at your destination, which is the longest hire wire bridge in Europe, before abseiling down to the suspended ledge where you will be camping.

Where Can I Go Cliff Camping In The Lake District?

Cliff camping experiences are available at the head of Honitor Pass, which is a cliff pass located in the centre of the Lake District, Cumbria’s famous National Park. This is part of the adventure site located at Honister Slate Mine, the last working slate mine in England.

What Do I Need To Bring?

We provide you with all our own safety equipment, including helmets, harnesses and sleeping bags. In addition to this, proper outdoor footwear is required, which should include a fully enclosed foot, proper grip and ankle support.

Our team advises you dress appropriately for the activity, with long hair tied back and piercings removed or covered. We recommend dressing warmly in plenty of layered clothing regardless of the season. Climbing gloves are also recommended.

How Much Does The Experience Cost?

Our cliff camping packages vary in price depending on how many people are attending.

One Portledge overnight for 2 guests is £500.

Two Portledges overnight for 4 guests is £800.

Is Cliff Camping Safe?

Our cliff camping is very safe. We only use fully tested and approved equipment, where our instructors carry out daily visual checks. There will also be a team member on hand to ensure you’re positioned properly on the Portaledge, where 24 hour access to support is made available overnight.

All of our packages have undergone a professional risk assessment, where we have procedures in place to deal with all eventualities. Your party will be briefed on proper cow’s tail rope and sit-harness usage before departure, and all harnesses and helmets will be adjusted by our experts. We also operate standard loop to loop climbing practices for optimal safety.

Our expedition leaders are first aid trained, and carry a radio with them at all times. If you have any further safety concerns then our well-informed team will be able to provide you with the reassurance you need.

Who Can Go Cliff Camping?

Cliff camping is open to everyone over the age of 18. Those aged under 16 must be accompanied by an adult, where the minimum age for our Via Ferrata activities is 10 years, with a height minimum of 1.3 metres. We allow one adult to supervise up to five under 16s, where a disclaimer must be signed to accept responsibility for these guests. There is also a 114 kg or 18 st weight limit in place.

What Does The Honister Cliff Camping Package Include?

Our comprehensive package includes everything you need to make your experience exceptional, where we provide:

  • Safety equipment – including harnesses and helmets
  • Sleeping bags – in a luxury extra-warm design
  • Food hamper – complete with Cumbrian delicacies to see you through the night and morning

Will I Be Supervised The Entire Time?

As part of the experience you will be supervised as you make your way to the camping point, where we will ensure you are securely in position. We remain on call 24/7 to handle any emergencies, and a member of our team will be in position to assist your descent at the end of the experience.

Are There Weather Requirements Involved?

Our cliff camping experiences are entirely weather dependent, where our team will be checking the digital forecast throughout your stay. In case of poor conditions, especially if there’s a lightning risk, we will adjust your experience accordingly.

Your instructor will carry adequate water supplies, where participants can also bring extra fluids for the overnight stay if needed. Our experts will also issue sun cream usage reminders in warm weather. Our team leaders carry spare fleece layers for colder weather as part of their first aid equipment.

What Is The Booking Process For Cliff Camping?

To book your experience, visit our cliff camping page and select how many people you’d like to book for, and your preferred date range. You will then be taken through to our terms page and our secure payment process where you can confirm your booking.

You may make one amendment to your booking if it is more than 48 hours prior to your slot time, which is subject to a £10 administration fee. Amendments cannot be made within 48 hours of your booking. Cancellation requests will be accepted at least 48 hours ahead, where you will be entitled to rebook within 12 months, where a refund will not be provided.

Honister Slate: Providing Exceptional Experiences In The Lake District

Honister Slate is an adventure experience site and a working slate mine, where we produce the world-famous Westmorland Green slate as part of our active mining processes.

Our Activities: From Wild Camping To Historical Tours

In addition to cliff camping, we also offer a variety of fun family activities that vary in difficulty. These include:

  • All Day Passes – this pass gives you complete access to the infinity bridge, the via ferrata extreme route and canyoning
  • Via Ferrata Classic – a family friendly climbing route with continuous cables and sturdy holds throughout
  • Via Ferrata Xtreme – a three-hour climbing route featuring mountain edges, overhang descents, and a sky ladder
  • Adrenaline Pass – includes a route through the mines, and various obstacles such as vertical climbs, rope bridges and zip lines
  • Infinity Bridge – an opportunity to cross the longest high-wire bridge in Europe, where our Lake District infinity bridge provides outstanding views of the scenery below
  • Mine Tours – a historical tour of our 350 years of mining history, which includes accounts of mining life and exciting special effects
  • Canyoning – a four-hour route, where sessions involve waterfall crossings and abseiling
  • Climb the Mine – climbing route through the mine involving hidden passages and caverns
  • Cathedral Working Mine Tour – a comprehensive tour of our in-use cathedral mine, from our resident expert
  • Wild Camping – there are further wild camping opportunities available in the Honister area in addition to cliff camping, where our team can advise you on your options

Always read the full activity description carefully before booking to ensure it appeals to your interests and fitness levels.

Our Other Services

In addition to our adventure activity packages, we also offer a range of other adaptable programmes and services to suit your needs. These consist of:

Team Building Days – this take place across our site, where you can choose a combination of our climbing and adventure activities or one of our tours to make up your day, where we’re equipped to work with a range of group sizes

Education & School Trips – our mine features a long and interesting history which is perfect for educational outings and school trips, where we can offer comprehensive tours and workshops, as well as a large group discount

Bait Cabin Cafe – our Bait Cabin can be found at the top of Honister Pass, where you can enjoy a range of food and drinks whilst taking in the stunning views

Honister Merchandise – to commemorate your trip, we sell a full range of branded Honister Slate products, including clothing, books and photos of your visit

Slate Shop – if you’re interested in purchasing some of our iconic Honister Slate, then you can do so through our dedicated website, where we cover a comprehensive range of bespoke products, including fire hearths, worktops, water features and paving.

Contact us today for more information about what we can offer, or fill out our query form today. Alternatively you can visit our photo gallery or our complete adventures page for further inspiration.