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England's last working Slate Mine is a great place for education

Here at Honister, we understand the importance of actively engaging children in their education. Young minds are, of course, eager to learn more about the world around them; taking a hands-on role in this process helps to push them past their comfort zone and fully immerse themselves in activities.

As a family-run business, maintaining England’s last working slate mine, we’re strong believers in getting stuck in. What better way to help young people learn than to show them first-hand?

As it stands, we have 11 miles of functional underground tunnels working to mine the 450-million-year-old Westmorland Green Slate. From occupying Romans and Ancient Monks to Victorian entrepreneurs, Green slate has been mined here for centuries.

Though our beginnings were humble, we’ve certainly achieved a lot. Buckingham Palace and St. Paul’s Cathedral are just two of the world-famous buildings that our great mines have supplied. That said, our role far exceeds that of mining and stonemasonry; we are guardians of the mountains, ensuring that our ancient legacy survives and the stories of our green gold are passed on from generation to generation.

As well as offering group discounts we are able to provide workshops, talks and pre- and post-trip activities/ in school visits to make your visit even more memorable and relevant.

We are proud to offer a range of indoor and outdoor adventures for a range of ages and abilities. Whether that be a high adrenaline adventure climbing above the clouds and/or exploring our vast mine caverns on foot looking to widen young (and old!) minds.

We can accommodate very large groups and offer additional activities so please get in touch and we will discuss your requirements; all visits to us can be adapted to cover topics unique to each group.

If you have any specific requirements or topics to be covered by your visit here please let us know.

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