Win 1 of 5 holidays

Imagine winning a dream holiday in the breath-taking Borrowdale region of the Lake District. Picture yourself indulging in a relaxing 2-night midweek break, surrounded by stunning landscapes and nestled in one of five exceptional accommodations. We are thrilled to offer you the chance to win one of five exclusive holidays worth hundreds of pounds each. Choose from the esteemed Seatoller House, the inviting Glaramara Centre, the charming Gates Hotel, the renowned Royal Oak, or the exquisite Scafell Hotel. Each of these exceptional establishments is perfectly situated to cater to your needs after a rewarding day of exploring the majestic Lake District mountains.

Excitement is building as work on the impressive £300,000 project is set to commence soon. However, we find ourselves in need of additional support to raise approximately £40,000 to cover the costs of fixtures, fittings, and furniture. The Borrowdale Institute stands as a testament to community spirit, benefiting both the local residents of Borrowdale and all the visitors who hold this remarkable region close to their hearts.

The Borrowdale Institute serves as a hub for the community—a place to celebrate, learn, stay active, and have fun. For a century, this beloved institution has provided a wide range of services and events that have enriched the lives of the people of Borrowdale. From captivating film screenings to joyous weddings, from lively birthday parties to engaging youth clubs, from serving as a base for adventurous fell running to hosting elegant hunt balls and fundraisers, the “Tute” has been a pillar of support and enjoyment.

Now, the present Trustee Board has been entrusted with the incredible opportunity to give this venerable building a fresh face, a rejuvenated interior, and a renewed sense of purpose. Set to reopen its doors in the spring of 2021, the Borrowdale Institute is undergoing a remarkable transformation. However, to realize this vision fully, we must raise an additional £40,000 to cover the necessary costs of fixtures, fittings, and furniture.

Your participation in this exciting holiday giveaway not only grants you a chance to win a memorable retreat in the heart of Borrowdale but also contributes directly to the restoration and revival of this cherished community establishment. By entering the competition, you are supporting the spirit of Borrowdale, preserving a piece of history, and ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy the countless experiences and cherished memories that the Borrowdale Institute has provided for a century.

Join us in this noble cause, and you may find yourself unwinding in one of Borrowdale’s finest accommodations, surrounded by nature’s splendour and steeped in the warm hospitality that defines this beloved region. Act now for your chance to win and make a meaningful difference in the vibrant community of Borrowdale. Together, we can ensure that this historic institution continues to thrive for another century, welcoming all who seek solace, adventure, and unforgettable experiences in the heart of the Lake District.

We have to raise a further £40,000 to pay for fixtures, fittings and furniture


Not only do you help us finish the institute you also stand a chance of WINNING an incredible holiday.

And don’t we all need one after 2020!