Why Walking Tours Make for a Great Day Out

Exploring new locations and discovering amazing sights are what life is all about, whether venturing to a new country, region you’ve never visited or an unfamiliar area, travelling by foot is often the best way to do so. The fascinating history of The United Kingdom is a source of great curiosity for many, so why not embark on a walking tour without leaving the country? Let Honister Slate guide you through the many factors making a walking tour the very best choice for your family, group or team-building day out, with benefits as varied as the social opportunities, to flexible arrangements and weatherproof contexts.

What Is A Walking Tour?

With a designated start and end point, a walking tour is a guided experience, often overseen by a tour guide. These tours will last from half an hour up to a number of hours, and involve groups making their way through an area of historical significance, site of particular interest or location of natural beauty. The tour guide will often be on hand to offer interesting information in regards to the picture-perfect areas you find yourself in, and they will lead the group throughout the experience.

Cultural sites are perhaps best explored with the helpful insight of a knowledgeable tour guide, so searching around for organised hikes and walks before you embark on a family adventure day is definitely the way to go.

Unlimited Exploration

None of the limitations found when travelling by car, train or bus are found when exploring by foot – making walking the ideal way to access wondrous settings which are tucked away from main roads and busy areas. Though guided tours within vehicles are just as popular (coach and bus-top tours particularly within big cities), you can’t beat the sense of achievement attained from travelling through a long trail to finally catch a glimpse of that incredible natural wonder or breathtaking man-made structure.

Mine tours are just one such incredible bucket list opportunity worth considering, otherwise inaccessible, you’ll be guided through the passages of Fleetwith Pike – complete with explosive special effects and enhanced reality technology.

Learn Local History

There are few individuals more clued-up on local history than tour guides, and you can expect plenty of insight, stats and facts. Instead of frantically googling away or looking through a convoluted pamphlet as you stroll around your location of choice, the best option is most certainly to have a local expert on-hand to take you through anecdotes, insights and stories. From the timeless significance of a particular castle, fortress or unique building, to the wildlife, flora and fauna of a natural environment, pick an appropriate guide and you’ll take in an experience worth remembering.

Fun For All

The low-intensity nature of a walking tour means that almost anyone can join, and participants are encouraged to take in the setting at their own pace. Mine tours at Honister Slate take approximately 90 minutes, and though the tour will involve uneven terrain (the natural result of exploring a mine!), handrails and level platforms are to be found throughout the tour. Suitable for all ages, under 3’s can enjoy the exciting tour for free, while if you wish to arrange a private tour, or a specific custom tour to your requirements email bookings@honister.com – we’re happy to accommodate.

Active But Not Strenuous

Though walking tours will of course require a basic level of fitness, they’re by no means intensive, and frequent stops for tour information and interesting facts will provide more than enough time for a breather. Walking is a low-intensity exercise which has plenty of proven benefits to those who take part too – improving cardiovascular health, increasing energy levels and enhancing muscle endurance. Tours within the caves at Honister Slate take roughly an hour and a half – more than enough time to tone up your leg and abdominal muscles!

Weather And Conditions

Regardless of location, one factor you can’t account for is the weather conditions – so it makes perfect sense to plan ahead and organise activities which are unaffected by the likely downpour or chillier climate. Many walking tours will take place completely inside, ensuring participants aren’t left out in the cold or damp. Historic fortresses, passageways and caverns are all likely to host tours which take place inside, while the one-of-a-kind Honister tour allows participants an insight into Honister’s rich 350 year working history. Treating yourself to a gift shop visit is the perfect way to end any tour too – at the top of Honister Pass, stocking unique products sourced directly from the mine.

Additional Activities

The Lake District is truly one of England’s most wondrous locations, therefore it remains the ideal place to scout out walking tours and fascinating guided tour experiences, though these aren’t the only experiences to contemplate. For thrill-seekers, day-trippers and campers, take a look below at just a handful of additional experiences we’re happy to offer visitors:

Infinity Bridge

Tackling the longest highwire bridge in Europe is sure to provide plenty of action, laughter and a true sense of accomplishment, so why not book today with Honister Slate for teambuilding or family day out? Appropriately named owing to its incredible length, our Infinity bridge is the perfect way to push boundaries and quench your thirst for adrenaline. Suspended a thrilling 1000 feet above sea level, this heart-racing opportunity provides a breathtaking view of landscape – as beautiful as it is terrifying!

Cliff Camping

Deceptively thrilling, this experience will allow campers the perfect combination of extreme content and an array of memorable postcard views. Participants will begin their stay by crossing the infinity bridge, before abseiling down the crag to reach their home for the night. Suspended high above Honister pass, this is certainly not for the faint of heart. Prepare yourself for a truly unique experience that is sure to put your head for heights to the test. When morning dawns, you’ll witness one of the most beautiful sunrises on the planet – alongside a delicious complimentary breakfast!


Located in the heart of the Lake District National Park, our Canyoning adventures offer a chance to explore nature’s own waterpark. Conveniently situated just 15 minutes from our base at Honister Slate Mine, Canyoning is the perfect way to experience the breathtaking natural structures that make up this historic site. Each of our canyoning sessions are led by a team of experienced guides, assisting you as you journey – for maximum thrills with a helpful dose of fascinating information and contextual facts.

Honister Slate: Book Your Outdoor Learning Activity Or Walking Days Out

At Honister Slate, we help you to create unforgettable memories. From adrenaline-pumping abseils and cliff camping, to walking adventures and canyoning, we have a wide selection of experiences to choose from – regardless of the weather. If you’re a thrill-seeker with a head for heights, or fancy delving deep into a working slate mine, with the assistance of a knowledgeable tour-guide, there’s something for everyone here. Located at the head of Honister Pass in the centre of the beautiful Lake District, we produce the most thrilling, interesting and memorable local adventures on offer, catering to varied audiences.

Choose from a combination of Honister’s best activities when you visit – from the 1,000ft Infinity Bridge, Climb the Mine, and brand-new freefall experience ‘the Jump’. If you fancy something wild, you can abseil 60 metres down one of the Lake District’s most famous waterfalls, or if you prefer something a little less strenuous, try one of our famous mine tours, or a scenic hike around Buttermere.As well as producing beautiful Westmorland Green Slate that dates back over 450 million years, we also offer visitors a chance to make exciting memories in the heart of the Lake District.

From ages 5 to 75 – there’s something for everyone! Any enquiries? Simply contact our friendly team – we’re happy to help when overseeing family days out.