Why Honister Slate Mine Is Perfect For A Family Day Out

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting family day out, then look no further than Honister Slate Mine. We host family activities in what can be both an adventurous and educational trip for all, and offer a variety of experiences, ranging from the adrenaline-rush of the Infinity Bridge to a cavernous exploration of our Slate Mines. Whatever the interests of your family, there is an activity to be found at Honister Slate Mine, and can provide familial bonding, a palpable sense of adventure, and a rich historical education also. Read on to find out more about the ideal family day out.

Activities On Offer

At Honister Slate Mine, there are a wide range of experiences that can suit all ages of the family, from young children to Grandparents. The more serene family activities include;

  • Infinity Bridge – See an unforgettable landscape through walking on a bridge 1000 feet above the valley floor. This is the longest high-wire bridge in Europe, boasting incredible views of Honister pass and the Lake District.
  • Via Ferrata Xtreme – An extreme climbing activity (requiring no previous experience) that involves mountain edge exposure, vertical ladder climbs, a Burma bridge, and sky ladder.

If you’re seeking an even more adventurous family activity, Honister also offers;

  • Cliff Camping – After abseiling down the side of the crag, you can camp suspended 500 feet above ground. You’ll be able to watch the stars in the evening and the sun rise in the morning, all with far-reaching views of the Lake District and excellent snacks.
  • Canyoning – Essentially a natural waterpark, Canyoning involves abseiling down a waterfall of sheer faces and rocks in an awe-inspiring mountainous locale. This is a guided session with trained and experienced canyoners, who can help make this both a fun and thrilling adventure.

Accessible For All

If these family activities sound a touch too daunting, we also offer a slate mine tour, where we guide you through our 450-million-year-old volcanic green slate. Going through underground tunnels and caverns, you’ll get a deep understanding of mining history in an educational trip which is a true adventure in itself. These family activities can suit a range of ages and interests, and can push everyone out of their comfort zone in what can be a high-paced adrenaline pumping family activities or an inspiring educational trip.

Family Bonding

A family day out at Honister Slate Mine can provide meaningful bonding through outdoor, thrill-seeking family activities. After the Covid-19 pandemic made us all get used to being indoors and with the technological focus of our modern society, we should all take the chance to get outdoors, explore nature, and appreciate the adventures it has to offer.

Through the rewarding adventures on offer at Honister, you and your family will feel bonded together in an experience that can be suited to your interests whilst being out of the ordinary and truly unique.

About Honister Slate Mine

With a wide variety of activities available, from thrill-seeking adventures to educational trips, Honister Slate Mine can be a rewarding day out for the whole family. If you’re interested in the family activities on offer or have any questions, feel free to get in touch.