Fun Activities To Learn About The Lake District

Visiting The Lake District is likely to be an unforgettable experience, with this historic and naturally stunning location equipped with everything you could need for an exciting family break. Whether you’re thrill seekers, lovers of nature in need of a relaxing getaway or want to become invested in the postcard-perfect settings, there are sure to be all manner of activities worth exploring. Let Honister Slate take you through just a small sample of our recommended excursions for a vacation in this part of the country, with plenty to learn about the picturesque Cumbrian location.

Guided Walks

Walks through the expansive valleys, hills and forests of The Lake District are best enjoyed with the guidance of a local tour operator, sure to offer you facts and information wherever you go. These may range from mountain hikes, slow walks through winding cobbled pathways or even visits to historically significant locations such as Castlerigg Stone Circle, Hardknott Roman Fort and of course, Hadrian’s Wall. Guided walks mix the thrill of immersing yourself in nature, and the genuine discovery of connecting with memorable locations.

Mine Tours

Mine tours in the lake district organised by Honister Slate have long been considered a fantastic family activity when visiting The Lake District, and our mine discovery experiences cater to all ages. Participants can expect to learn about 450-million-year-old volcanic green slate, and how it has been mined through the ages within this wondrous location. Perfect for wet weather, and making the most of enhanced reality technology with explosive special effects, mine tours take approximately 90 minutes, and end with a visit to our iconic slate gift shop.

Scenic Stargazing

Dazzling clear skies are to be expected when you journey to this part of the country, settled on the backdrop of rocky mountain ranges and some of the most visually appealing flora and fauna around. As romantic as it is informative, use your stargazing opportunity to try and spot some of the most iconic constellations, or get lost in the curiosity of space. For the ultimate daredevils, you may even want to mix this with Cliff Camping – a true one-of-a kind experience to test your head for heights.

Grizedale Forest Family Days Out

located to the east of Coniston Water and to the south of Hawkshead, this formation of hills and settlements is best explored in numbers, ideal for dog-walkers or cyclists. There;s plenty to look out for within this fantastic trail, from man-made art sculptures with impressive history, to steep inclines and stunning bodies of water. If you’re into photography, you’re sure to have the time of your life.

There’s limitless fun to be had in The Lake District, so why not make the most of this historical location with the many activities at Honister Slate? From thrilling adventures at-height to informative tours and family-friendly local exploration, there’s something for everyone – so contact our team today with any enquiries, or to book an experience.