Five Fun Team Building Experiences For 2023

Team building activities are a fantastic way to form a thriving workplace culture, giving individuals the opportunity to mingle and socialise while engaging with an enjoyable task or experience. Increasingly popular as workplaces embrace hybrid working and colleagues see less of each other in-person, why not take a look through five of the very best team activities for the year 2023? At Honister Slate, we’re a leading provider of group fun days in North West England, so read ahead and explore a variety of adrenaline-fuelled team adventures and lake district activities!

Sports Activities

Though sports activities may not be ideal for all ages and abilities, this is a fantastic way to work on leadership skills, team collaboration and communication. If you aren’t keen on the idea of taking part in a physically demanding sports event, why not attend a live football match, basketball game or netball competition? The sport in question doesn’t need to be too competitive either – why not try out some bowling, pool or darts?

Camping Out

A real cosy opportunity to tell stories around the campfire and get to know those around the place, camping can be a surprisingly relaxing arrangement, and can be organised flexibly depending on the size of your team. Looking for something a little different? Honister Slate’s twist on the modern camping experience is certainly not for the faint of heart – with ‘cliff camping’ an exciting (albeit daunting) proposition for those with a taste for the extreme!

Personalised Quizzes

Easily organised at little to no expense, and customisable to suit the target audience, a grand old quiz is the perfect opportunity to pair up, get into teams or go it solo and face off against others. Personalise this experience by weaving workplace-specific questions into the mix, and offer a prize to the winners – this is a fantastic icebreaker for those who may be new to the organisation.

Indoor Climbing Activities

Looking for something to raise the heart rate? Group climbing activities are an awesome way to foster a sense of community, as the team help each other to conquer a daunting climb. Safely secured and overseen by experts, team building packages at Honister Slate are flexible to your preferences, so whether you want to brave the breathtaking cliffs of The Lake District or learn about the fascinating history of the famous slate mines, the choice is yours.

Seasonal Fun

Celebrate the season collectively with themed events and carefully planned activities. Be it a Summer party to celebrate the upcoming warmer months, a spooky halloween fun day (with costumes encouraged), or an office Easter egg hunt, there are plenty of ideas to ponder. Regularly sprinkling team bonding events throughout the year is a great way to keep motivation up, so consult this guide frequently, and increase employee satisfaction in a jiffy.

Here at Honister Slate, we take great pride in being a little different from your usual mine. As well as producing a beautiful supply of Westmorland Green Slate (dating back over 450 million years), we offer visitors a chance to make exciting memories in the heart of the Lake District. Ideal for team building activities, contact us today and make the most of our varied facilities.