Collaborative 2023 Lake District Activities

Collaboration makes the world go around, and of course – most events and activities are better when experienced as part of a group. Taking in sights and sounds as a component within a team can enhance the occasion, be it with work colleagues, family members or a group or friends. Working together fosters a sense of togetherness and community, strengthening relationships in an instant – so why not look through our 2023 options local to The Lake District, ideal for a day out, weekend away or temporary Cumbria trip.

Exploring The Mine

Whereas the mine can of course be traversed solo, why not treat a group to this bucket list experience, and learn together? As England’s last working slate mine, our tour guides are always keen to take you through the timeless history of this gigantic and visually stunning space – complete with demonstrations, facts, stats, anecdotes and more. Functional throughout some of the most intriguing time periods in history, everyone from the Romans to ancient Monks and Victorians have inhabited the area at one moment in time.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are the latest craze to sweep through The UK, with these complex puzzles requiring plenty of wit and quick thinking. Placing your group in a small room or space, you’ll need to answer questions, deduce clues and encounter challenging puzzles to progress. These are a great challenge for groups of up to 8 in some cases, and leave you with a real sense of achievement. Fun and challenging – there are an array of educational activities to explore in the local area.

Extreme Fun

Thrill-seekers are always looking for that next adrenaline rush, and we really won’t disappoint if you’re arriving in The Lake District to search for intense activities. Whereas our main offerings can all be experienced via the popular day pass, you can browse through individual activities and select exactly what your party is looking for. The Infinity Bridge, Cliff Camping and Canyoning options are sure to raise your heart rate in an instant, so why not cheer each other on and create unforgettable moments as a group?

Team Building

Team building is perhaps the very best way to foster a sense of community, and at Honister Slate, you’re able to choose from a combination of Honister’s best activities. If you fancy something wild and wet, you can abseil 60 metres down one of the Lake District’s most famous waterfalls, and from tasks at height to ground-level thrills, this can have a vastly positive impact on your organisation’s efficiency and individual morale when organised properly.

Here at Honister, we truly believe that team-building days, family activities and more can have a hugely positive impact on your mood. What better way to bring employees and team members together, or to foster that family spirit, than via a range of exciting adrenaline-fuelled activities? Our all-inclusive adventure days do exactly that, so contact our team for booking information, specific details and more.