What Children Can Learn From Honister Slate Mine

If you’re a parent wanting to provide your family with fun educational activities, or a teacher looking for a more dynamic way to help a class through outdoor learning activities, Honister Slate Mine can be an excellent opportunity for all. Honister’s existence has spanned over centuries and boasts a rich history which can still be palpably felt to this day as England’s last working slate mine. Located in the dramatic environment of the Lake District, Honister has a plethora of indoor and outdoor learning activities that can be both informative and enjoyable, in what is a dynamic educational experience. Read on to find out more about what children can learn from Honister Slate Mine, why it is an excellent tool for teaching, and what you can gain from this too.

Dynamic Educational Experience

Visiting Honister Slate Mine provides an entirely different educational experience from the classroom, allowing children to explore and understand history in a practical, intuitive, and holistic manner. It is a hands-on teaching tool that promotes active learning, feeding into a young imagination and providing a memorable educational experience for all. There are a range of outdoor learning activities available, from adventure climbing in the clouds to exploring the slate mine caverns, as well as workshops and educational talks, all of which can be adapted to the size of the group and its current level of education.

A Living History

Honister Slate Mine holds a rich and illustrious history, with its 450 million-year-old slate being extracted by Romans, ancient Monks, and Victorian industrialists. This wide historical reach means that whichever historical era children might be studying at school, Honister can adapt the indoor or outdoor learning activities to these topics, ensuring a constantly relevant educational experience that will profoundly enrich what is being taught in the classroom.

But it doesn’t stop there. To this day, slate is still extracted from Honister’s mine, helping children better understand the past through the mining processes still employed in the present. This educational experience is not some distant story from the distant past, but an active system, one that is thrilling and not to be forgotten quickly.

As seen on TV

The remarkable landscapes and enriching history of Honister Slate Mine has meant that it has been featured on numerous television shows, as well as advertisements and promos. From The Gadget Show to Blue Peter, many youngsters might have seen Honister on television previously and the media interest demonstrates to them the wide interest and importance in the location. Before an educational experience at Honister, there are numerous examples of (both educational and recreational) media that would be great to show your class in order to further pique their interest. This can show that Honister isn’t just a curriculum-based trip, but a remarkable location of wide interest that will allow them to feel part of a larger cultural conversation.

Interested In Our Educational Activities?

If it sounds like your class or family could learn a lot from Honister Slate Mine, feel free to get in touch to organise both indoor and outdoor learning activities, as well as other educational experiences. We would be delighted to adapt the activities to topics of your requirements and can cover many educational bases. Get in touch by emailing us at lauren@honister.com.