The Varied Benefits Of Corporate Days Out

Corporate days out aren’t just an opportunity to socialise and get to know colleagues and employees, yielding plenty of additional benefits and genuine perks. With plenty of adventures, unique experiences and work-related events to consider, there’s sure to be something for everyone when you explore your options. Read ahead and allow Honister Slate to guide you through some of the very best corporate event ideas and lake district activities – alongside the unexpected ways in which participants can transfer these experiences back into the workplace.

Promote Collaboration

Workplace collaboration is an essential part of building a progressive culture, and corporate days out can promote this in the most exciting and entertaining ways. Collaboration can come in many forms, be it the combined efforts of a team to determine the outcome of a themed escape room, or joining forces to win an organised quiz.

Working together to meet a desired outcome is never a bad thing, and improves relationships between individuals who would perhaps not interact in other circumstances. This can translate into the office or workplace setting, with a newfound focus on working together to solve problems or meet expectations and targets.

Relaxation And Fun

Prolonged periods sitting at a desk working, or spent networking and selling can really drain the batteries, and a corporate day out may be the remedy to workplace burnout. Take the opportunity to unwind with colleagues and make the most of time away, embracing some of the more unique local activities.

Many activity centres and sites offer ready-made corporate packages which are flexible to your needs, and Honister Slate provide plenty of team building choices. Casual mine tours, extreme activities and informative excursions are just a few of the fantastic options to consider if you’re local to Cumbria in 2023.


If the month has been particularly demanding, team morale seems low or there has been a defining incident which has left the office shaken up, motivate all involved by organising a day away from the hustle and bustle of the working environment.

A change of scenery will not only show that you care about employee welfare, but also emphasise the importance of balancing hard work and ‘me’ time. Motivation can be provided by offering a team meal at an upmarket restaurant, providing drinks and entertainment at a company-funded evening out, or even simply giving your workforce the day off to attend an easygoing social event.

At Honister Slate, we organise and oversee some of the most thrilling, interesting and memorable lake district activities on offer, regardless of the weather. From abseiling and camping to visiting the historic slate mines with a knowledgeable tour guide, we provide an array of activities to suit families and teams year-round. Any questions or enquiries to make? Contact us today.