The Benefits Of A Corporate Team Building Day at Honister

If your workplace has been particularly busy or stressed lately, it might be time to organize a team-building “away day” for your staff. This will allow everyone to relax, reflect, reconnect with each other, and learn valuable life lessons. At Honister, we offer team-building experiences and ‘away days’ at England’s last operating slate mine located 1000 feet above the ground. Read on to find out more about what activities are on offer in Honister, the value of workplace “away days”, and what makes Honister a special place for team-building experiences.

Benefits For Everyone

A team-building experience away from the office can be hugely beneficial for the morale of the company’s staff and will lift the spirits of the whole team. It is a refreshing experience to enjoy the company of your work colleagues outside the pressures of the office environment. The experience will improve collaboration between staff and productivity in tasks, benefiting all involved.

Range Of Activities

Honister has a range of team-building activities for work that take place both inside and outside the mountain. Whilst team-building experiences can push everyone to be more adventurous, the choice in intensity levels of activities can suit the varying skill sets of the workplace, ensuring that everyone is comfortable and having fun.

Honister’s team-building activities range from walking across the 1,000ft infinity bridge and abseiling down one of the Lake District’s most famous waterfalls, to less intense activities such as a mine tour or a hike around Buttermere.

Flexible Itinerary

At Honister, we offer flexible and customizable team-building packages that can fit the needs of your organization. Our variety of packages includes; an action-packed Experience Day, an Overnight Package over two days, and the three-day-long Ultimate Adventure. In each of these packages, the team coach will customize the activities to ensure the most valuable team-building lessons are learnt, as the longer packages will go into more detail about how team collaboration can be improved.

If you think that your organization needs serious improvements in team-building, the longer packages can be a perfect method to fix that, whilst if you think your team just needs to let loose a little, an Experience Day will be ideal. Whatsmore, if any of these don’t seem to suit you, we can help you create a bespoke package that fits the requirements of your workplace.

Beautiful Surroundings

The cherry on top of these excellent team-building experiences for your work is that they take place in arguably the most beautiful part of the Lake District, with Honister boasting a compellingly rich history and striking views across Cumbria.

If these team-building activities for your workplace sound of interest to you and/or your business, feel free to get in touch with us today at 017687 77230 or