Reasons To Consider A Cliff Camping Experience

Certainly one for the thrill-seekers, cliff camping is a unique activity which encourages adventure and discovery. A completely new experience for those who try it, there’s a reason many who try out this bucket list experience decide to return. Based in the heart of The Lake District, Honister Slate are Cumbria’s leading adventure activity organisers, so allow us to take you through the details of cliff camping – you may be surprised!

Reconnect With Nature

One of the selling points of The Lake District is the stunning visual appeal of this location, from the lofty natural structures and winding rock pathways, to the flora and fauna surrounding the timeless mountains and quarries. Surrounded by authentic beauty, our cliff camping will see you suspended high in the air within a stunning valley – 500ft above the ground to be exact. We rarely value our exposure to the natural environment and constant sources of fresh air, so why not use this as an opportunity to reconnect with surroundings.

Experience Something Unique

Rarely will you stumble across an extreme outdoor activity as unique as cliff camping, and the enduring appeal of this adventure day is the pure spectacle of it. How often are you likely to find yourself able to travel up to mountain-height, spending the night with an array of goodies and locally sourced treats? Among a breathtaking backdrop, your friends and family may take some convincing to join you up in position, but rest assured – they won’t be forgetting about this trip any time soon!

Bond With Friends And Family

Group camping is an experience which typically fosters a sense of community and fun, and this activity in the lake district doesn’t need to be any different! Boasting one of the most impressive sunrises in the world, our tailored cliffside experience is mesmerising for all ages and preferences. Strengthen your bond as you take in the wondrous views of the Cumbrian countryside – a real natural wonder among the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Enjoy A Cumbrian Food Hamper

Food hampers are provided to all who take in this activity, ensuring you’re well-fed during your time elevated above ground level. Not only will this hamper include everything you need for a delicious evening and breakfast treat, but the famous Borrowdale bacon buttie is sure to impress, included within every experience. We’ll keep the midnight munchies away, and will always be happy to cater for specific dietary needs.

At Honister Slate, we’re proud to remain one of The Lake District’s premium tourist attractions. Producing a wide array of thrilling, relaxing and informative family experiences, whatever the weather, our friendly team look forward to showing you around our spectacular site. Any questions? SImply contact a member of staff at a time which is convenient for you.