MIST, Spencer Matthews and Becky Evans tackle the highest hill race in the UK!

MIST, Spencer Matthews and Becky Evans take on the BIGGEST hill climb Challenge at Honister slate mine.

Shooting for an episode of the new series GASSED UP has just finished at Honister slate mine this week. The episode sees celebrities attempt to tackle the highest off-road course in the UK in a new series for the BBC which will air early 2022.

Mist is going to take on some of the biggest challenges the UK scene has to offer. Each episode will see him go head-to-head in a high-octane challenge against a celebrity – supported by expert driver and Drift Queen Becky Evans and pro BMXer and prankster Ryan Taylor.

Mentored and judged by specialists from the scene, Mist and his guests will learn the tricks of the trade, equipping them to create and commandeer crazy vehicles, leading to an ultimate head-to-head track challenge.

Mist says: “Cars and driving are a passion of mine and it’s a privilege to be working with the BBC on Gassed Up. I’m letting everyone know, you’re about to experience something you’ve never experienced before. Forget whatever gassed up you think you’ve done in your lifetime because I’m about to take it to a new level. Gassed up business.”

Here at Honister we loved hosting the fantastic crew and cast of the new series and can’t wait to see the project  hit our screens.