Mine Climbing And Other Thrilling Local Indoor Adventures

For those overcast days, or occasions in which outdoor exploration is off the cards, there are plenty of wacky and memorable adventures to pass the time. Based in The Lake District and able to comprehensively organise a workplace bonding activity or game, let Honister Slate use their expertise to plan a moment-by-moment exhilarating day for all concerned. Looking for a learning experience, indoor climbing activities or all-round bucket list views? We’re just a click away.

Mine Climbing

Mine climbing is just one of the many activities we oversee within our scenic facility, and best of all, you don’t need to be an expert climber to try out this exhilarating experience. Best taken in as part of a group, this is the ultimate wet weather experience, allowing kids and adults alike to test out their courage while tackling obstacles ranging from vertical climbs, rope bridges, ladders, zip lines and Tarzan swings. Your reward? Stunning views of one of England’s highest mountain passes! Take a look today and browse through our gallery of brave adventurers.

Go Karting

An adrenaline junkie classic, go karting is a classic for petrol heads and racing enthusiasts, allowing you to channel your inner Lewis Hamilton and speed around a safe circuit. Though go karting tracks do exist outside, wet weather can affect conditions and mean that these circuits cease to function, while indoor tr\cks are just as fun, and remain unaffected by downpour. Buckle up and practise your driving skills in a miniature speedster, even better with family and friends cheering you on or acting as rivals.

Informative Tours

A walking tour may not seem overly thrilling, but once you’ve considered some of the environments and background information, you’re sure to be raring to book other family activities. Historical sites, underground caverns and elevated areas await, and no tour is complete without the insight of a knowledgeable guide. A good tour guide will be enthusiastic yet informative, giving you the details and info snippets you would have missed altogether without them. There is no better way to experience what we offer at Honister Slate than journeying through the underground passages and great slate mine caverns of Fleetwith Pike!


Not afraid of getting a little bit messy? Paintballing is a fantastic activity for those with a competitive streak, and can be especially fun on a rainy day. Form teams and compete against each other or go it by yourself as a lone ranger – just be careful of other players sneaking up on you!

At Honister Slate, we’re far more than just your average mine. Alongside our production of gorgeous naturally sourced slate (dating back over 450 million years), we are also the home of Lake District adventures, offering our visitors the chance to take part in fun family activities and mountain top adventures. Looking for a child-friendly day out? Or perhaps a workplace bonding activity? We’re here to help. Contact us today.