Lest We Forget – Remembrance Sunday

Sunday 13th November – This Sunday, the annual Remembrance Day service will be held on the summit of Great Gable, a poignant occasion that honours the sacrifices made during times of war.

Honister Slate Mine serves as a gathering point for members of the public and fell walkers who come to pay their respects. Visitors park their vehicles at the mine before embarking on the awe-inspiring hike up the majestic Great Gable. On this special day, a solemn service is held, accompanied by a two-minute silence, as a mark of reverence and remembrance.

Once you reach the summit of Great Gable, you will have the opportunity to observe a bronze tablet that was placed there in 1924. This poignant memorial bears the names of those who valiantly fought and tragically lost their lives during the First World War. Since its installation, walkers and climbers have made the pilgrimage to the summit each year, conducting a solemn service to honour and remember the fallen.

After paying your respects and taking in the significance of the occasion, you can make your way back to Honister Slate Mine. Upon your return, our cosy Bait Cabin Café eagerly awaits, ready to offer a warm and welcoming respite. Treat yourself to a well-deserved break and indulge in a variety of offerings, including mouth-watering bacon butties, homemade cakes, steaming hot drinks, and much more. It’s the perfect way to conclude your walk, providing a comforting and satisfying end to a meaningful day.

Remembrance Sunday holds great importance as a day of reflection and gratitude for the sacrifices made by brave individuals throughout history. Honister Slate Mine is proud to be part of this tradition, providing a starting point for the poignant journey up Great Gable, where the past is honoured and memories are cherished.

As you plan your visit to Honister Slate Mine and the Remembrance Day service, take a moment to appreciate the significance of this occasion and the profound impact it has on those who participate. Join us on Sunday 13th November as we come together to remember and honour the brave souls who gave their all.

Afterward, make sure to visit our Bait Cabin Café, where a warm cup of tea or coffee can provide solace and comfort, allowing you to reflect on the day’s events. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing in this meaningful experience.

Upon your return to Honister, our Bait Cabin Cafe will be open, and serving bacon butties, homemade cakes and much more, why not pop in and finish your walk off with a hot drink.