From the Infinity Bridge to Mine Tours: A Guide to Honister Adventures

Whether you’re looking for some fun-filled family adventure time or thrill seeking activities to participate in with friends, Honister has just the thing for you.

With many people choosing to spend their holidays in the UK since the height of the pandemic, what better place to spend it than the picturesque Lake District? Boasting miles upon miles of natural beauty, it offers the perfect medium for those looking to enjoy a mix of relaxation, gentle trips out in the fresh air and the possibility for adventure and activity.

We’ve broken down a list of some of the great adventure activities offered by Honister, giving you all the details you need to know about each, so that you can choose your favourites ready to plan into your itinerary when visiting this beautiful area.

Infinity Bridge Lake District

  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Minimum Age: 8 years (8-15 year olds must be accompanied by an 18+ adult)
  • Minimum Height: 25m / 4.1ft
  • Cost: £25pp (£7.50pp to spectate)

Set 1,000 feet high, the Infinity Bridge takes you on a daring excursion across one of the Lake District’s deep gorges, aptly named for its seemingly endless length – it is, afterall, the longest wire bridge in Europe! Oh, that’s right, it’s not your regular bridge per se, rather a single wire that makes it even more tricky to navigate.

A member of the Honister team will be there to cross the bridge with you, ensuring that you are first fitted with all the necessary gear, including a helmet, harness, karabiners and ropes that keep you safely attached to an overhead wire when crossing the bridge.

On top of the essential equipment provided, it is recommended that you wear sensible, sturdy footwear and to consider bringing waterproofs since the activity can take place in both wet and dry weather conditions. You may also want to wear gloves, either to keep your hands warm, or (when the weather is warmer) fingerless gloves to protect your hands so that holding onto the guide ropes of the bridge is more comfortable.

Facing your fear of heights is certainly worth the reward if you’re feeling dauntless enough to tackle the Infinity Bridge, as not only will you feel a sense of accomplishment, but you will get to experience breathtaking views along the way from a viewpoint like no other.

Mine Tours

  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Minimum Age: Suitable for all ages
  • Minimum Height: N/A
  • Cost: Adult (16+) – £17.50 | Children (3-15) – £9.50 | Family (2A + 2C) – £49 | Under 3s free

If you’re looking for a family-friendly adventure that’s both geographically and historically informative, then Honister Mine Tours are ideal for you. Being the last working slate mine in England, a member of staff will guide you through the mine and inform you all about the characteristically green volcanic slate (which has been around for 450 million years!) and how it has been mined from past to present over the last 350 years.

Throughout the tour, you will hear various tales of young miners and working history, as well as experience enhanced reality technology and special effects to create a mock explosion, making it a truly immersive way to experience the underground passages and caverns of Fleetwith Pike – one of the Lake District’s fells that most only see from the outside!

Since these tours take place within the mine, it is the perfect activity to complete on a rainy day, however warm clothing and sensible walking footwear is still advised due to the cold and damp conditions as well as the uneven terrain. Safety helmets and lamps will then be provided upon arrival.

Adrenaline Pass

  • Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Minimum Age: 10 years (all under 16s must be accompanied by an 18+ adult)
  • Minimum Height: 3m / 4.26ft
  • Min/Max Weight: 5st/34kg | 17st/112kg (max waist 43 inches, max thighs 27 inches)
  • Cost: £100pp

Are you looking to get your heart pumping? As the name suggests, the Adrenaline Pass is the ultimate adrenaline rush for thrill-seekers. Incorporating a number of Honister’s other activities into one along with a few additions, with the Adrenaline Pass you can expect to cross the Infinity Bridge, Climb the Mine, cross rope bridges over great heights, speed along ziplines and swing from a rope like Tarzan.

Still sounds too tame for you? Well, how about the final challenge? The jump. Being the UK’s only FlightLine, this jump sees you emerging from a cavern to then freefall to the depths below – don’t worry, the soft catch of the FlightLine will keep you safe! It certainly is a heart-racing activity, even for the most experienced of adventurers.

This is a professionally guided activity, with secure cables throughout and the necessary safety equipment provided, allowing you to enjoy the adrenaline rush with peace of mind. Strong footwear is a must and you should arrive prepared for all weather conditions, as the Adrenaline Pass can be completed whatever the weather.

It is worth noting that due to the physical and intense nature of the Adrenaline Pass, you will not be able to participate if you suffer from any heart related issues/conditions, any back/neck/spine/foot/ankle/leg conditions, a weak physical constitution or any mental/physical condition that may be aggravated by participating, for the sake of your own health and safety.

Via Ferrata Classic

  • Duration: Approx 1.5-3 hours depending on ability
  • Minimum Age: 10
  • Minimum Height: 3m / 4.26ft
  • Cost: £45pp

Meaning ‘iron way’ in Italian, via ferrata consists of iron cables, pins and footholds that allow you to traverse across mountains and crags in a way that is safe for all. At Honister, Via Ferrata Classic takes you along the original miner’s track and over the steep outer incline of Fleetwith Pike, upon which you will be met with sensational views of natural beauty that the Lake District is known for having in abundance. Specifically, you will cast your eyes across Buttermere and Crummock Water.

No previous climbing experience is needed, as you will be secured to the mountain at all times by cable and the ascent is fully guided by Honister professionals. Safety equipment is provided for you, so all you need to worry about is ensuring that you are dressed appropriately for any weather conditions, including waterproofs and strong footwear, as the Via Ferrata Classic can take place at any time of year – it will only be cancelled in the case of extreme winds or electrical storms.

If you can stomach heights and are looking to get your blood pumping, then this is certainly an activity for you! If you’re feeling extra brave, why not tackle the Via Ferrata Xtreme?


  • Duration: Approx 4 hours
  • Minimum Age: 10
  • Minimum Height: 3m / 4.26ft
  • Cost: £80pp

Have you ever thought about partaking in some Lake District mountain climbing? Why not try canyoning, instead? Believed to have started in the late 1800s, canyoning is the perfect way to experience the natural structures that make up the historic Honister site. Navigate your way across deep, breathtaking gorges by abseiling down rock faces, through waterfalls and immersing yourself in natural, hidden pools.

As long as you have a good level of fitness and are confident in pushing your boundaries, then no previous canyoning experience is required for this activity, as it is led by professional guides to assist you throughout. It truly is an unforgettable experience.

One thing is guaranteed with this activity – you will get wet. This is why it is recommended to bring swimwear and a synthetic top to wear under your wetsuit (which will be provided for you, along with a helmet, harness and buoyancy aid) and trainers that you won’t mind getting soaked. Don’t forget, a towel and warm change of clothes will also be needed!

Family Fun Activities with Honister Slate

So, do any of these activities sound right up your street? We promise that if you’re looking for fun, thrill and/or an adrenaline rush, then Honister Slate is the place for you.

Experience unforgettable Family Adventure Holidays at Honister Slate! Whether you’re seeking thrills or a more relaxed outing, our range of activities caters to all ages. After your adventure, recharge at our café and explore the stunning views of the Lake District. Contact our friendly team today for inquiries and discover more exciting adventures awaiting you!

With something for everyone, from the most venturesome of individuals to families looking for less intense activities that still make for an enjoyable and unforgettable experience, we pride ourselves in offering unique activities for all ages. Why not make a day of it? There is a cafe in our main visitor area for refreshments, perfect to get your energy up after completing one of our adventures to then go and explore the plethora of stunning views and walks the Lake District has to offer.

Get in touch with us today with any queries you have regarding any of our adventures, our friendly team are always happy to help. Don’t forget to check out the other adventures we offer, too!