Benefits Of Team Building Activities For Your Workplace

Team building activities are a relatively recent development in the workplace, where they have been proven to boost professional performance and improve overall happiness levels. Team building can take place on a small scale in an office setting, or it can involve a more action-packed outdoor excursion, where both can be beneficial.

Read on for an overview of the key benefits that team building can provide, with some activity ideas offered by Honister Slate.


Out-of-office team building activities are guaranteed to foster effective communication in your workplace. Team building necessitates that a group works together towards a common goal, or undergoes challenges together. This naturally utilises communication skills that are essential for effective teamwork. These kinds of activities will also highlight the various strengths and weaknesses of your team which can help you to manage more effectively when you’re back in the office.


Taking your team out of the office and placing them in a team building environment is an excellent way to boost productivity. This is because it interrupts the weekly routine, allowing everyone to bolster their existing skills and get to know each other more. In turn this will boost morale, and improve overall productivity levels.

Mental Wellbeing

Team building activities, especially those taking place outdoors, are the perfect way to improve the mental wellbeing of your team. Areas of natural beauty or outdoor spaces in general provide stress and anxiety relief, where physical health can also benefit from action-based team building excursions

Leadership Qualities

It can be difficult to appreciate the individual talents of your team members when you can only observe them in the usual routines. The change of scenery provided by outdoor team building in particular can help to draw attention to those with leadership capabilities. These kinds of activities which are rooted in teamwork and communication necessitate that somebody steps into the leadership role, where this showcasing of talent can then be taken note of when you get back to work.

Team Building With Honister Slate

At Honister Slate, we provide an array of climbing and camping experiences that make for perfect outdoor team building activities. You can assemble a day of sessions from our extensive range of adventure packages, which include infinity bridge walks, canyoning and via ferrata trails. All of these provide various difficulty levels, alongside outstanding views of the Lake District landscape, where we also offer a generous large group discount.

In addition to our adrenaline fuelled adventures, we also offer an array of historical tours and educational workshops, where we can talk you through the 350 year story of our working slate mine.

Contact us today for more information about booking your team building activity day for your workplace.