Bridge Challenge – Coming Soon!

An all new activity COMING SOON, take on new heights and complete our bridge challenge.

We promise it will get your heart racing and push your boundaries all whilst having fun on a hand-picked combination of some of our favourite challenges here at Honister!

Step across a single wire strung across a gorge 2000 feet above the valley floor, test your limits and get your heart racing. Don’t forget to stop for a second and take in the breathtaking panoramic only available to the bravest of adventurers tackling Honister’s activities. Take a look back across the industrial landscape as you are then led into our subterranean labyrinth of historic slate mines. Keep your head down as you make your way into the heart of the mountain where the tunnels and caverns tell the story of the hard work and determination of our ancestors here for hundreds of years before us.

Climb the ladders and rungs through the mine to the next challenge; a network of wire bridges and prolonged ladders await you as you ascend into the crown of the cavern. Can you balance across our postman’s walk and complete the final challenge before you cross the mountains underground incline that stretches all the way up to our working mine and then eventually emerge from your subterranean adventure triumphant, to a spectacular view of one of England’s highest mountain passes steeped in industrial heritage.